What does 1337 mean

We call ourselves 1337Camp or Home of the Elite. But what does the number 1337 actually mean?

To understand the meaning, you have to go back about 20 years in the history of gaming. At that time, the gaming scene was developing more and more on the net. In order to play together there, each gamer needed his or her own account, to which he or she had to give a name. At the same time, many gamers wanted a name that was as unique as possible.

They did this by replacing some letters with numbers that had a similar shape. For example, the O became a 0, the E became a 3 and the I or L became a 1. The names were also changed in the process: owner became "0wn32" and noob became "n00b".

1337 thus stands for the English word "leet", which is synonymous with Elite. Since the spelling was initially only understood by a small circle (the elite), it was called Leet Speak - or expressed in their own language: "1337 5P34K". This leads us to the name 1337Camp.

Our aspiration is that all our clients achieve their best possible performance. To achieve this, we equip them with the best hardware available and thus lay the foundation for their victory. All eSports enthusiasts are welcome here - at the Home of the Elite.