Payment conditions

To convert your booking into a firm reservation, we ask you to transfer 50% of the invoice amount to our bank account within 14 days. The remaining 50% you can transfer up to 1 month before your stay. For short term bookings we ask you to transfer the whole amount directly.
You can transfer the money via bank account or PayPal:

Bank account:
1337 Consulting GmbH
IBAN: DE 33 6605 0101 0108 2621 48


Please include the number of your booking in the subject line of each transfer (it is located on the top left of your invoice), so that we can assign the payment to the correct booking.
If all participants of your bootcamp want to transfer their amount individually, please also indicate the number of the booking with each transfer.

Cancellation policy

In case of cancellation we offer you 100% of the invoice amount within 14 days. After that we will refund only 50% of the invoice amount. Alternatively we offer you a postponement of the bootcamp.