What is the 1337 Camp?

The 1337 Camp is an accommodation with recreational activities tailored for gamers. Our gaming rooms include several desks with high-end computers where our visitors can play together. Our rooms are equipped with whiteboards, providing the perfect environment to discuss tactics and develop as a team. For a change from gambling, our common rooms offer table soccer and darts.

Catering in the form of drinks is provided by the 1337 Camp. In addition, there is an Italian restaurant on the first floor that provides pizza to camp visitors at a discount. Those who wish can also cook for themselves in one of our communal kitchens. Several spacious refrigerators provide enough room to store your groceries.

Sleeping is in shared rooms or, if you choose, in single rooms. Our dormitories have comfortable box spring beds and personal lockers to store valuables.

Caregiver and mummy note

We do not offer childcare. Children under the age of 16 must therefore be accompanied by an adult guardian for an overnight stay. The person in charge must be specified in writing in a parent/guardian agreement (also called "Muttizettel"). You can download a sample of the Muttizettel here.

For parents we also offer the possibility of a taster day, where they can accompany their child for one day at the camp. They can have a look at the premises, get to know the staff and get an idea of the 1337 Camp for themselves.