Rent your LAN house for the next big gaming session

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We welcome all gamers, whether pros, noobs, normies or weebs, you can really let off steam in our LAN house. Our location in Waiblingen near Stuttgart meets all the high demands of the gaming sector.

In addition to high-quality technology, high-speed Internet and an ideal infrastructure for the ESports genre, we also offer you the right, pleasant ambience, where you have the opportunity to organize undisturbed LAN parties or clan meetings together in one place.

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In our four areas with a total of 60 gaming seats, you can easily rent a suitable LAN party room. A comfortable sleeping area with kitchen and bathroom is also provided.

We are convinced that LAN parties are much more than just gaming.

Why our LAN house provides unique memories, what you can experience with us and why you should definitely organize a LAN party, you will find out in the following.

Rent your LAN house for the next big gaming session

Surely some of you know this: To organize your own party you need organizational skills and a lot of preparation time. Especially LAN parties, where everyone has to bring their own equipment, usually mean a lot of effort.

"Everything is prepared, you just have to start the in-house gaming computer and off you go."

If you rent a LAN house, you will save yourself some gray hair.

Play classics like World of Warcraft, Battlefield, Counterstrike/CS, Unreal Tournament, Call of Duty, Warcraft 3 and other LAN Games together.

"Without distraction can now be gambled for hours or days. "

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If you get hungry in the meantime, there are restaurants or snack bars in the area that will provide you with tasty treats. At our 1337Camp you will find an Italian restaurant directly at the entrance, where you can easily order during the day.

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If you want to relax away from the PC, LAN houses offer "Chill Out Areas".

Here in the Red Bull Connection Area you can sit down together, review your last game and relax at the pool table, dartboard, arcade machine, two simracing setups or at the TV.

In addition to communal kitchens, you'll also find retreats, such as your private bedrooms, where you can recharge your batteries.

"The LAN House is like a big temporary gaming shared house."

Of course, gaming is the main focus here, but also a beer after the match, a small flunkyball tournament, or relaxing in the RED BULL Connection Area, where you can talk shop with people with whom you share the common hobby, all this should not be missing, so that the time in the LAN House becomes an unforgettable experience.

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6 reasons why you should definitely host a LAN party at the LAN House!

In the 90s LAN parties took place every weekend in some small rooms and basements. The floor full of empty drink cans and pizza boxes, red tired eyes, stuffy air, in between the one mate wandering around, and of course the one person who never gets on the servers. LAN parties are just awesome, aren't they? If you've never been to a LAN party before, I'm sure this sounded a bit strange. Please read on!

Due to the internet and the ever improving networking, the LAN party hype disappeared for a few years. But the attraction of these events remained. Little by little, more and more people wanted to relive the old nostalgia, or simply meet their team and clan mates in person.

Here are 6 reasons why a LAN party is so special and why you should definitely organize one:

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1 Experience emotions of his fellow gamblers firsthand

Nothing brings more joy than having your friends right around you and being able to look into their faces. Instead of just using a headset, you can experience the emotions directly. No matter if it's the short outburst of rage because your mate was undeservedly shot down or the cheeky grin of the colleague who did the whole thing. This not only brings a lot of fun, but also welds you closer together.

A lan party is much more than just sitting together and gaming, it's like a little school trip or a class reunion: You meet good friends or online acquaintances, get to know each other even better and have a relaxed good time together.

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2 Unabashedly let the sow out

Total relaxation through the total rage outburst: Lan parties are only really perfect when the insults and flat sayings just fly around. Just let your feelings run free and no one will take offense. That's what makes it a really good lan party.

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3 Unhealthy food to the bone

At Lan parties, people sin - but really! From gummies and chips, to hearty burgers, pizzas and fries, even energy drinks and beer galore are not to be missed.

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4 Gambling without limit

As a child, that was still possible - gambling through the vacations from morning to night, only in between we "had" to sit down at the table for dinner. There was nothing better. In a lan house you can meet with your friends and pursue your passion for days without worrying about other things.

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5 Flare up nostalgia

LAN parties are relics of the past. A lan mode in new games is hardly to be found anymore.

That's why it's mostly the good old classics like "Counter-Strike 1.6", "Unreal Tournament", "Battlefield" or "Call of Duty", which have graphics that would make young people shake their heads, but are still just as much fun as they were back then. Rent your LAN party room and feel directly transported back to another decade.

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6 LAN party room without effort

Back then, LAN parties were still organizational masterpieces. Everyone had to dismantle their PCs, monitors, the rest of the accessories and all the tangled cables first and stow them safely in the car. Afterwards, the whole thing had to be set up and plugged in again on site. Nowadays, you can simply rent a LAN party room that already includes all the equipment. This saves you a lot of nerves and sweat and you can, without much preparation time, start gaming right away!

Why you should choose our LAN house!

With us at 1337Camp you really don't have to think about anything.

Our top equipped gaming areas, with up to 60 seats and flatrate drinks, offer everything a gamer's heart desires.

The high-end gaming PCs have the best hardware installed (i7-10700KF, RTX 2070 Super, 16GB DDR4-3000, SSD 512GB, M.2 PCIe), you will find a large selection of gaming gear and we also have the right equipment for streamers. With our height-adjustable tables from leetdesk and Nobelchairs, back pain while gaming is a thing of the past.

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Feel like it?

Rent a LAN party room from us now and make the trip with your troop a unique experience that you can look back on for a long time!

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